hey airsoft fans out there should i get a co2 pistol or a green gas pistol my money limit is under $100?

please help asap i want a good sidearm soon

xGzuzfreakx7 years ago
I play paintball, but I DO KNOW that green gas is the best for any airsoft pistol, rifle, or any other exotic air rifle.
mr. cool 384 (author)  xGzuzfreakx7 years ago
te only dif is that green gas has lube mixed in it so it lubes ur gun when u shoot it
getamap8 years ago
Buy a pistol that runs on green gas. You can then buy an adapter for 20 bucks that lets you use the cheap propane canisters from walmart. check out the link. AI makes great adapters http://www.airsoft-innovations.com/art1.html
mr. cool 384 (author)  getamap8 years ago
oh thank u u r my first responder i found a pritty nice propain uzi/mac 11 on evike for like 150$