hey guys...im a new cartoonist i'm 13 but i was wondering wht is the program used to draw or animate a cartoon online?

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Scriptone8 years ago
I use SwishMax published by Swish. Its really easy to learn. And if you are a student you get aa discount. I got my upgrade for only $9 when it was on special. Tryout the trial if you like - http://www.swishzone.com/index.php
A new freeware from cnet is called PhotoScape - many people like using it to create simple gif animations. Also it has several filters like photoshop.
You're thinking of Adobe Flash. It can take a while to learn, but I'm quite experienced with it. Give it a try sometime! :) Thanks for your time!
cosgrove8 years ago
If you are wanting to start with Stick Figures, You can't go wrong with Pivot
110100101108 years ago
we use powerpoint for stuff to display on the projector in arts shows at school there probably are sites or software that can convert powerpoint to flash / other video files if you are sure your viewers use windows only then you can save from powerpoint as a powerpoint show file. when you doubleclick it it starts playing in fullscreen automatically and closes when the movie ends to draw standing images of high quality i use karbon14 2.0 beta
Kiteman8 years ago
You are probably thinking of Flash Animator.

There are, however, several other free animation software packages* around.

Your best bet is to visit a few animation forums and see who recommends what for the style of animation you want to produce.

*Samples only - I cannot recommend any particular package.