hey! i would love to modify my hand truck with a motor

hey! i would love to modify my hand truck with a motor to help move things over long distances something similar to this without costing so much http://handtrucks2go.com/Electric-Powered-Hand-Truck.html?

vivian20125 years ago

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rickharris5 years ago
Not too difficult - You need a motor/gearbox from a powered wheel chair and 2 x 12 volt batteries. a 12 volt relay and a push button to turn it on.

How? depends so much on what you have you will have to work that out for yourself.
In fact having looked at the link you provide it's just the running gear from a powered mobility scooter, you should be able to find one second hand to strip down with everything you need.
iceng5 years ago
All it takes is $2143 and the shipping is free, wow...

It will cost more as a DIY project,
  • you will need a fractional hp 24 VDC gear motor
  • some mechanical wherewithal
  • a couple 12 VDC lead acid sealed batteries
  • some DPDT switches
  • a battery charger
  • and some help when you get that far...