how to  id primary pin

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Vyger4 years ago
On a grenade? Its the one with the finger ring. Pull pin and throw, but not at your family members, or the dog either. Especially if he plays fetch.
Kiteman Vyger4 years ago
"Pull pin and throw"

Not good advice. Thrown pins do relatively little damage.

The retained grenade, though...
Vyger Kiteman4 years ago
Direct translation from the Chinese directions to English. (made in China munitions) Sometimes the fine distinctions as to what part is what can be lost, hence the need for the little pictures with the red circles and the slashes through them. (A little picture of a dog with a grenade in its mouth and a red circle with a slash through it.) Of course the directions are on the box so you need to stop and carefully read them. Then attempt to ascribe some meaning and understanding to them.
rickharris4 years ago
iceng4 years ago
This is danydady's first question as a first week member
He may not know how to check up on his answers.

He does not know how serious some of the nice answer people people
are at solving problems in the real world :)

iceng iceng4 years ago
minimalistic answer if you know how to use an ohmeter...
iceng iceng4 years ago
And a bit more.
iceng iceng4 years ago
Scan this by clicking on it..
Re-design4 years ago
Not right now. I don't live in Colorado (yet).
iceng4 years ago
Of course Its the first pin bottom left of the indent.
kelseymh4 years ago
Your primary PIN is what you type into the ATM machine to get money. Your secondary PIN is what you tell the bank person on the phone when you ask why there's no money left in your account.
bwrussell4 years ago
Primary pin for what? You need to add a lot more info before you'll get any sort of answer.