hi I have purchased two of the arduino 16 channel interface modules,?

hi I have purchased two of the arduino 16 channel interface modules,? my question to all you knowledgable boffins is I want to control leds from the relays on the boards, I would do this via a dpdt centre sprung off switch, one side feeds the points motors, and the other is for the leds, and as such the leds will flash on when the switch is opperated but obviously will not remain on, so I want the relays to opperate both ways ie red for off and green for on, how can I get the relays to change over, I hope without having to purchase other arduino hardware, if I have to obtain more hardware what do I need

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Are you connecting this to an Arduino to directly to a switch?

Could you post a diagram of what your trying to accomplish?
mackermask (author) 5 years ago
I dont even know what or which switch to use
mackermask (author)  mackermask5 years ago
I have noted that if I connect the 5v (to be safe) onto the the centre pin of the relay on the underside it onle comes out on one side of the three connections even when I disconnect the power
Look closely at the board. Follow the traces from where it would connect to the Arduino over to the relays. The traces leading from the digital pins of the Arduino over to the relay will be the positive side of the relay's coil. The traces going from the relay to the screw headers are the switch side of the relay. One of the traces will lead to the arduino boards ground. That is the ground side of the coil.
mackermask (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
thank you for that will do and report back many thanks
mackermask (author) 5 years ago
what I am trying to do is control leds that show the direction of the points(it is for a model railway mimic board, I have a dpdt centre sprung off switch, one side of the switch will throw the points motor, and the other side of the switch I want to control the leds, IE through the relays keep the led lit depending on the direction that the point is set, I dont mind the board showing its own leds, but cannot get it to revert from left to right with its own leds or even understand how the relays work in conjunction with its own leds, I am asking for help before I destroy the boards by removing the relays,
As long as you have the coils energized on the relays the relay will be on. Turn off the power and the relay will turn off.
mackermask (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
there appears to be two leds on the board? unless I am wrong (which is more than likely) one has L? and the other R? but only one of the leds will light am I connecting something wrong, also ther is no feed from any of the three connections, I have tried ground and live but no difference, can I say that I realy appreciate all the help with this problem of mine,