hi have a 12v dc to 110v 8amp ac converter.Can I increase the current from it without decreasing voltage?

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lohithg (author) 6 years ago
Thanq all .I understood it
rickharris6 years ago
Would you expect to be able to increase the top speed of your car without increasing fuel consumption?
iceng6 years ago
As Steve said at full load you would be using 73.33333 battery amps.
Just how long do you think your battery can supply 12VDC at 73 A.
I believe you are battery limited, not inverter limited after a fwe short minutes
under full load

No, they are designed to not exceed their output current rating - particularly on the input side - that 880 W unit is drawing 73 A from your battery already.

lohithg (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Can any other electronic device increase the current output
No. You are taking more power, which it cannot supply.

framistan6 years ago
The answer is "no"... but i suspect you might not understand something about "CURRENT" also called "amperes". The amperes rated on any power source is the maximum available. If the device is not connected to anything, such as a light bulb or motor etc... then ZERO amperes will flow. If you connect a small light bulb, then only a small portion of the available amperes will flow... such as ONE ampere for example.