hi if I could please get some tips on photography??

some tips or anything dealing with photography thank you guys in advance

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rickharris8 years ago
frame your subject 1/3 - 2/3 of the entire photograph rather than in the middle. Look for drama and the unusual. Carry a camera all the time. Take a LOT of shots - with digital it's cheap enough. LOOK at good photographs and ask your self "what makes them good" Read a lot about photography.
davidglinski (author)  rickharris8 years ago
but what if i have one big expensive camera why would i lug that around?
i would suggest taking the small 8 MP camera around
theRIAA8 years ago
is your current camera a cannon? add better firmware

Either get really close and use macro mode, OR back up and use zoom and frame your subject. Zoom helps narrow the background and focus on your subject. understand this page:

LOOKIE HERE! also use that site for camera ratings, they know what they're talking about!
davidglinski (author) 8 years ago
and it would be nice to get some ideas for photos too thanks alot guys this is really helping :)
Emsaid8 years ago
Do you have a camera? of so what kind?
davidglinski (author)  Emsaid8 years ago
i have a 8 mega pixel digital camera not a big expensive one but i might get one of those so thats why im asking
Here are two instructables I wrote on the subject:

Intro to Product Photography (for instructables)

Learn Photography