hologram stickers possible with any day items?

i would like to make a hologram sticker for my company buisness cards but dont want to spends thousands on them as its only for looks any way to make them under 100 bucks?

popeyeippy8 years ago
Got a kinda feeling they are made with a laser!!Not 100 percent on that mind!
sumlogic8 years ago
actually thats not entirely tru. Apperently you can print them ( kinda) Ur looking for "diffraction grating film". Its a film that has a layer of tiny lines that diffract light a certain way. Apparently im told that using a laser printer at 600 dpi, u can actually achieve this affect. But i havent confirmed this. Would love to know if anyone has tried and succeded though... Sumlogic
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
sorry, they make them some special way that you can't replicate them at home