home done tattoo advice ?

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Wow, no! Really if you are that desparate go buy some descent quality permanent markers, and draw it in, or better yet have the person who was gonna tattoo you in the first place draw it in. First off that will show you the artist ability, not like what you saw on websites is it? Tattooing on skin is not the same as drawing on paper. Often a design on a flat sheet of paper looks like crap on skin. Second if you still like, keep drawing that on for a month or more. Sound like too much work? Well the first initial month of tattoo care for an actual one is about the same. Still after all that and you still like it? Call around to tattoo parlours and ask if an apprentice wants to do some free work, often they will. To become an apprentice today required that 1. you are an exceptional artist, 2. They're standards for cleanliness is often slightly higher out of sheer eagerness to please there boss then there boss is. 3. At least they will know what they are doing somewhat.... Which should hopefully lead you tot eh realisation that a board certified tattoo artist is the way to go. Now this probably isn't what you wanted to hear, but its a constructive start that will teach you a lot in a short amount of time, and lesson a potentially life long regret.
rickharris5 years ago
My personal stand is never do anything to yourself that:
a) will harm you
b) is irreversible
c) will significantly change the way the world views you
d) is going to be cheap and look cheap.
Kiteman5 years ago
Unless you've got a very comprehensive, generous health insurance policy, don't.
Thermionic5 years ago
Don't. Sure you'll save a TON of money, you'll also not get quality of art, aesthetics, or just plain quality. Do you know the proper depth the needle needs to reach? Do you know the proper ink? Has the tattooer ever worked with this media (skin)? Does the tattooer have any experience with a tattoo gun? Do you know what sterility is?
Burf5 years ago
My advice is don't. Don't get a home made tattoo, don't tattoo someone else.
If you want a tattoo for yourself, go to a professional. If you want to become a tattoo artist, learn from professionals.
jrh0655 years ago
Your main priority should be sanitation! Infections suck.

I would probably do a lot of research before building homemade guns or anything of that nature. Wouldn't make homemade ink because it's probably a terrible idea.

and post pictures!
frollard jrh0655 years ago
further: 'suck' = potential death = really sucks. ;)
caarntedd5 years ago
I have many tattoos from many different sources. Home tattoos, home made equipment, home sterilization etc, can be good in the right hands. Odds are they won't be. If you are looking to get tatooed go professional. If you are looking to make your own gear or learning to tattoo, go for it! There is plenty of info available on tattooing, making equipment or buying your own stuff.
canucksgirl5 years ago
I wouldn't try the gun... (just me).

Here is a link to a website about old, traditional "tribal" tattoos and the way they were done. The home page has a video that shows a bit of the process, obviously you can find more inside the site and probably on other sites too.

You just need to decide how you want to make home made tattoos - the old fashion way or the modern gun way.

Then don't forget disposable gloves, alcohol to sterilize skin and tools, and then bandages.

Ouch... good luck :)