home made battery

how to make powerful home made battery 
weight 3 to 4 kg
voltage 12v

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rickharris3 years ago

What do you mean by Powerful?

For a DIY setup with some reasonable current your most likely looking at a lead acid set up.

Really, obtaining materials and making the plates isn't worth the effort - Car batteries are already highly efficient and readily available.

vpsingh92 (author)  rickharris3 years ago

i want to use it in my vehicle and see hw much will it last

petercd3 years ago

A 4 kg 12V lead acid battery is 12Ah, a powerful battery like the 100Ah model weighs 34kg.

So what do you want power or light weight.

SSL06S TP12-12 151x99x96 4.0kg 12V 12Ah
SSL10S TP12-100 415x173x212 34.0kg 12V 100Ah

vpsingh92 (author)  petercd3 years ago

we r making hybrid go kart for hgc which batteries we can use

one restriction

batteries should not cost much

lead acid is the cheapest method of storage, I'd use 2 scooter batteries in parallel to give a +/- 10Ah rating.

iceng3 years ago

I seem to recall that 4Kg of lead acid battery can deliver about 115 watt hours of energy while an equal amount of fuel can deliver 11 kilowatt hours of energy.

Make a small fuel engine homo polar generator of 4Kg with fuel to out do any battery you can reasonably make.

sf49ers3 years ago

Quarters and foil