hot glue molding?

is there any suggestions to the best way to mold hot glue like you do with clay and also adding food coloring to make it colorful?

bac5127 years ago
'they' sell colored glue sticks, glittery glue sticks, hard glue sticks, soft glue sticks (the hard ones are just a harder glue, they don't flex as much as the all purpose ones).... though, I know my local Micheals doesn't carry anything but the all purpose clear/white ones, and some all purpose glitter ones... I can't remember where I saw the hard glue sticks.....

but, basically, you'd coat a mold that can handle the hold glue temperature, coat it with some kind of release, then just 'shoot' the glue in there... (I've not done it, but I've seen other articles on it...)
Nerfgenius8 years ago
I know that you can use an ice cube, to create half spheres, and such
THe only feasible way i could see would be to cut it up into small pieces and put it into a mold, and then of course heat it untill it melted into the shape of the mold.