how can I chip my cat so that I can find it with an RFID reader through a closed door?

there is a cat thief in my neighborhood. she is a constant problem. I want to be able to stand outside her apartment door and know whether my cat is inside.

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rickharris8 years ago
Collar with 433 Mhz transmitter and suitable receiver.
Not easy to get that kind of range from an RFID chip. I have seen stuff claiming great ranges, but I am not sure how it was done.
In the case of pet chipping the the read distance of the RFID tag will be a function of the RFID reader, not the tag. There are commercial readers that claim 10 meter line of sight, but a) that's probably not good enough to see if your cat is in someone's apartment through a door, and b) they're super expensive. Probably better off getting a GPS collar (About $120) or putting a security camera outside to catch the jerk in the act.
Big RF pump & sensitive receiver I'd guess?

lemonie8 years ago
RF perhaps, but you'd want kitty to be transmitting - big collar (and not that easy)

Z1ggy8 years ago
Pretty sure you can get the VET to chip your cat. It might cost a bit though.
Heres a website. UNfortunately its not an always on chip. You need the special reader.

Might be a good place to start.