how can I convert my rv 12 volt interior lights to leds?

stu2theMax7 years ago
To be more specific, you need a 530 ohm resistor before each LED. Depending on how many LEDs you are looking to light, you can lower the resistance. A 530 ohm resistor at one watt is perfect for running LEDs in a vehicle.
Grathio8 years ago
If you can't find direct replacements for your lights or you find them too expensive  there are tons of lights for automotive/marine LEDs that run on 12V right from the box.  Do a search for "12V LED light strips" and you'll find a number of lights like these.  They take straight 12v, are often sold by the foot, and if you mount them along the ceiling, under cabinets, etc they can provide a surprising amount of light.
 If there aren't replacements, you can buy a bunch of LEDs and wire them yourself.  You need to put resistors in the circuit so the LEDs don't burn out.  There is a great LED calculator at that shows you what resistors you need how to wire them up.  

There's a good instructable called "Rayovac LED Lantern Conversion" that gives useful information.  Read the discussions too.
Re-design8 years ago
Have you checked to see if there are led replacements for your lights.  There are led replacements for lots of lights now.