how can I dual boot Windows xp and Linux Ubuntu on a laptop that runs on xp?

 I would like to know how to do so, so I can use Linux or Windows without switching computers... and I would like to know what software I can use to make it dual boot my uncle said he may have used redhat to do a dual boot before

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first clean up you computer, delete every thing you don't want to keep an defrag the hard drive. download ubuntu and burn it to a dvd the instructions are here

As you go into the install process is will ask you do you want to delete or keep your old OS,
it is very user friendly, you wont have any problem. 
when you boot your computer it will then ask windows or linux
nerd7473 (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
hey I am currently downloading the download directly to the flash drive I had, do I need to do it differently?
I have never tried to install ubuntu with a usb I have only ever done it with a CD or DVD but there is lots of help on the web site have a look at
you have to download an installer, an some old computers may not boot from a  USB
I take it the cd rom is broken?
As long as you can get you laptop to boot from a USB you shouldn't have any problems.

One of the things that is not clear on the web site is after you get it all working, you will be somewhat disappointed as videos wont work due to some copyright nonsense. it is esay to fix you  will need to install the restricted extras have a look here.
nerd7473 (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
and thanks for the info doing it now
nerd7473 (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
no the rom isn't broken I just don't have any DVDs on hand
nerd7473 (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
can I use a flash drive?
nerd7473 (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
and what if I want to put it on a laptop?
Its the same process.
nerd7473 (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
sorry for the questions
nerd7473 (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
what do you mean by defrag the hard drive?
Over time, files on the hard drive become disorganized, defraging the hard drive will reorganize your drive, so your computer will run faster. have a look at this video on how to do it.
It just a windows thing, As far as I know there is no need to defrag mac or Linux os
nerd7473 (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
ok thank you very much