how can I fix my psp camera?

my psp camera is acting up, and has been for a while now. I need to hold down the right side (the side without the screw) to make it work. otherwise, it gives me an error message (seen below). how can I fix it? is there a way to mod the camera to make it work better? I don't care if it's semi-permanent, because I never take my camera off anyway.

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frollard8 years ago
Good news: If its broken you can't hurt it by trying to fix it. Take the screw out carefully - and try to open the case. GENTLY move wires or solder joints around inside and look for a weak link - if pressure on the case fixes it, that sounds like your culprit. If you break something and can't put it back together - you're not much worse for wear. Learn by doing! Tips: take pictures as you take things apart. Invaluable when remembering which part goes where Put screws in an ice cube tray in the order they came out, so reassembly is in reverse order.
codongolev (author)  frollard8 years ago
I've already taken it apart. the inside doesn't have any kind of bad solder joints (but if it did they would be too small for my skills), and it just seems to be that it isn't connected securely enough. I thought of adding a screw to the other side, but I can't find a bolt small enough. also, the entire inside is held together by ribbon cables, so it's not that hard to figure out where everything goes (there's only three parts, after all). also, the case holds everything together, so there's only two screws, and they're identical (I usually use magnets to keep them from rolling off).
Good deal! Where do you squeeze to get it to 'work'? thats the area that needs work. The ribbon cables might be loose if they use zif sockets at the end (removable cables) Check the ribbons for any breaks or bad connections at the ends.
codongolev (author)  frollard8 years ago
I have to squeeze it to the right. there's a little peg that goes into the other screw hole (I guess they thought it didn't need a screw on that side, though I beg to differ), and it only works when I hold that down. your idea about the zif sockets is a good one. I'll check that.
codongolev (author)  codongolev8 years ago
I found a bolt that fits my psp. I actually found it when I sat down to check my connections (there was nothing loose). so, I'm going to put a screw on the other side as well. I'm going to make an instructable about it.