how can I make a fireplace damper for my living room fireplace ,it never had one ?

energygeek8 years ago
No damper at all, ouch! There are inflatable balloon fireplace dampers that are made to fit your fireplace exactly for around $50. They plug the chimney flue like a metal damper would and you can reuse it if you want to have a fire in the fireplace. When I do home energy audits and the chimney is found to be a major air infiltration spot, I generally recommend for them to use a chimney damper balloon to stop the heat loss.
gcrdcn8 years ago
Just buy a a folding glass fireplace door, it will stop or slow heat from escaping.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
after you finish burning your wood, but a piece of plywood inside the cimmeny i am not a fireplace expert, give me more details on what a fireplace damper does!