how can I make a link from my computer to my psp through the internet?

I'm currently in the process of dumping my umds onto my computer. the umds are kinda big (too big to put all of them on my memory stick), so I was wondering if there was a way to make a link from my computer to my psp so that I can get to my computer and download any of my games through the wifi and play it without having to have the umd. I'm running 5.00 m33-6. NOTE: I'm not doing anything illegal. I'm using MY umds on MY computer and MY psp. I'm not ripping anyone else's umds, and I'm not giving away the files/umds after I'm done with them.

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Rockerx8 years ago
I know you can do that through Usb but I have no idea about wifi. I'm sure someone somewhere has been able to, but as far as it being released and not still being developed...that I don't know. I'd have it if were released...I really need to be able to share a few files between the two...Anyway, I'd look at some of the psp homebrew sites. Like or I know the Console Spot Forums have quite a bit going on there. Hope ya find it!
codongolev (author)  Rockerx8 years ago
I tried using this one program, but it didn't work at all..... I'm going to badger my brother about it. he had an internet portal that could do it once, it was kinda useful.... I can't remember the name of the program though...
codongolev (author)  codongolev8 years ago
I found it... psp media server. it's a program you put on your computer and you can access files from your psp. I just downloaded a game off my desktop with it.
Brilliant! That's one to download.
Joe Martin8 years ago
I don't think that there's any way to do file transfer from a computer to the psp via wifi, I believe it is possible to do it psp to psp though (Eg net play) sadlys that not much use to what you need to do.
codongolev (author)  Joe Martin8 years ago
you can do it with irshell. but yeah. once my brother forgot to put his music back on his memory stick after he did something, so I ir'd him some music on the bus.