how can I make a person look like they have no legs?

It's for a play and the actor has to be wheeled around the stage a bit but mostly just sitting still.

The easiest way is to simply drape a blanket over the legs. Or Have your actor/tress wear a pair of dark colored leggings and a modified pant over them. The modified pant needs to have a pair of holes for the actror's legs to exit the pant legs at the knees. Roll the ends of the pants up and fasten with large safety pins, taking care to cover the knees. Have the talent tuck his/her legs under the wheelchair and strap their legs in place under the seat.
cdubnbird8 years ago
cut their legs off.
frollard8 years ago

have them kneel in a box just high enough to look like no legs.
Modifiy a chair to have an extra long seat. Cut holes in the chair for his legs to go through, and make knots in their pants at the knees