how can I make an oscilloscope with arduino as a processor that uses a tv as an output?

I coould use my computer as an output, but a TV would be better

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omnibot6 years ago
For future reference I'm posting this link to an arduino based 140khz TVout oscilloscope. You have to log in to the forum to get the sketch and stuff.
wii552 (author) 7 years ago
Thanks everyone, I actually became "un-cheap" and bought myself a 100 dollar oscilloscope off the interwebs
womai7 years ago
I just published something very similar to what you are looking for - although it uses a Microchip dsPIC, not an Arduino - the dsPIC is much faster and has much better ADCs and analog features. It uses the PC to display the data.

The instructable is here:

The scope webpage is here:
frollard7 years ago
An arduino doesn't have the power to run as an oscilloscope of any quality- nor does it have the power to output virtually anything to a tv...

basically, no.
Well the processor might, in assembler.

considering the arduino has got a visciously bad adc already - (granted you could interface with an accurate adc and import the data) - if you get that complex it makes more sense to have a real processor to begin with.
Oh yea, not really arguing, but you could try and get a quart in a pint pot. As an exercise, sticking a decent SPI ADC on it would help immensely, but you wouldn't build a serious scope out of a TV anyway, for obvious reasons
wii552 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
actually, doesn't have to be tooooo accurate, maybe just like 2-3 khz is all I need, and is just for seeing waveforms, doesn't need to be too precise-I want to know I am getting a sine and not a square, but don't care of the frequency.
Doing it with a stock Arduino is VERY unlikely.
Here's an Analogue method