how can I make simple studio lights at home ( for take studio effect pictures)?

gmoon8 years ago
For decades, the answer has been to use "photoflood" bulbs, which will work in almost any decent lighting fixture.

Photofloods are color-corrected--you can get either 3200K or daylight bulbs (5000K). The versions I used in college don't last long--maybe 4-5 hours because consistent color temperature was the goal, rather than long life.

However, 98% of studio lighting is done with strobes (flash.) It freezes motion, and for max-depth-of-field (small aperture) shots, means that your studio uses much less power and is way cooler (as in, not as physically hot...)

Other than that, you should look at lighting techniques rather than light sources--how to use softboxes, umbrellas, etc. And learn about diffused vs point-source lighting, etc. Fun stuff to learn!
lemonie8 years ago
frollard8 years ago
Get some light bulb sockets, and wire them up! Add non-flamable surrounds to reflect the light as you need - and mount them in a safe place (on a pole?) Ask at your local hardware store how to wire them if you need electrical help.