how can I remove a heatsink backplate which is stuck/glued to ?my motherboard?

Hi,I'm from Indonesia.I've just bought a new mainboard for my personal computer and  I want to install my old heatsink fan processor from my old mainboard. The problem is that I cannot remove the backplate which is stuck/glued with adhesive tape from my old mainboard. Has anybody got ideas to solve my problem,please?

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if you stuck with using the old one heat will break down the adhesive just use a blow dryer and heat it up and pry it off
lemonie8 years ago
If you have a new board & processor you should have a new cooler (or have bought one). Why (after replacing the mainboard & processor) do you want to fit an old cooler? They sound incompatible, and decent coolers aren't that expensive.

I agree.  I assumed that the old processor was being used again.  If not them most processors come with a new fan and sink.  In my experience.
You can by retail packs with both, and when I have I've found the (AMD) coolers plenty good enough. But you can buy without also.

Re-design8 years ago
can you dissolve the adhesive with paint thinner or alcohol?