how can I remove an old cell phone's PCB's gold?

I have an old cell phone's PCB and it's coated with gold, can I remove that gold?

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canucksgirl5 years ago
AFAIK, the process to remove the gold isn't an easy one and it involves some harsh chemicals. For one cell phone, you'd be better off selling it to a jeweler or a refinery (as they do this on a larger scale).

Even the YouTube video's that claim to show you how to remove the gold are only giving directions on how to disassemble your phone into pieces, which I presume isn't what you are asking.

The micrograms of gold involved in each phone means...
The thousands of phones required to disassemble for a single gram...

Phones are literally worth more as plastic scrap.
They're worth money INTACT if they still work.
I was going doomsday 'worst case' is still better than trying to recover the gold - agreed, any functionality and you have dollars instead of cents. (or pounds if you prefer)
....and definitely NOT Euros.....
It will cost you more to remove the gold then what the gold is worth.