how can I remove screws to the cover of Kobalt KM-210 mower? Screw driver doesn't work. Is there some other tool??

Was hoping to check/replace bridge rectifier because electric mower keeps tripping breaker. Cannot unscrew screws that secure the cover to the motor.

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Vyger1 year ago

A lot of the time screws in something that vibrates are glued in with something like Locktight. You might need to heat them up a little to break them loose. However once you have removed them you need to glue them back in place so they don't vibrate out.

To unscrew the impossible screws: this is indeed a noble quest.

Naw, seriously. Security screws are a huge annoyance. Removing them is righteous!

This is definitely in the same category as dreaming impossible dreams, righting unrightable wrongs, fighting unbeatable foes, and bearing unbearable sorrow ,etc, with apologies to the Man of La Mancha.

Well, maybe it's not the same thing, because removing the so-called security screws (also called insecurity screws) is actually totally possible, even easy, if you have the right shaped screw driver.

That's why I linked to the Wiki article linked above, because maybe it can help you discover the screw drive shape for your thing.

JeannieB11 (author)  Jack A Lopez1 year ago

appreciate this! Thanks!

Good link +1

If in doubt use C4 ;)

JeannieB11 (author)  Downunder35m1 year ago
It might come to that. ?

i miss that show.

it says here that the mower has a 5 year warranty so just take it back to the place you bought it.

JeannieB11 (author)  bravoechonovember11 year ago
Thank you. Will call the company. I bought it at Lowes, but the warranty is with the manufacturer.
iceng1 year ago

A pic of the screw would help.

JeannieB11 (author)  iceng1 year ago
Sorry, having trouble uploading photos. It's a hex screw.
iceng1 year ago

Are you talking the actual motor ? because they do not put bridges into the motor where the armature can be touched by hand..

Or is the cover to the electrical access ?

Click the picture of the lawn mower electric circuit to see the whole image.

Yonatan241 year ago

What screws? How big are they? what do they look like? What kind of bit do you have that don't work on this one?

A picture would be great...