how can I transfer files from an sdcard on arduino via bluetooth to a Android phone ?

I will be using a microsd card breakout board as well as a bluetooth module. What basic steps do i have to follow like file transfer protocols or anything else to transfer a pdf/image file from the card to an android phone?

Did you check the possible transfer speeds?
BT is not really known to be a file transfer protocol....

sparkall (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago
should i use a wifi module? can the wifi module make the arduino a host and allow multiple phones to connect to it?

Hi sparkall, did u succeed to transfer file from arduino sd card via bluetooth to phone?

WiFi is definately the better option for file transfers.
Just try it with your phone and transfer a huge pic via BT to another phone.
Clock the time it takes and with the filesize you can see the max transfer rates possible.
Not 100% sure how to connect multiple devices through WiFi as so far I had no use for this, so I never read up on the required modules and code.