how can a batch file be run fullscreen?

i need to know which settings i need to change on my computer so that any command prompt runs fullscreen...

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grundisimo6 years ago
Hold Alt and press Enter

that only works on windows 95, which is 5 windows version behind...HOLY COW ARE YOU IN WINDOWS 95?!


lol! your dumb..

i tried Alt Enter it says my computer doesnt support

It worked for me. I have WINDOWS 10.

Now we know. Windows 10 is really Windows 95 w/ gadgets.

VBS Easy Make It Send %{ENTER} And That Will Make It Full Screen

imurray25 years ago
type "MODE CON COLS=999 LINES=999"

that helped me but i don,t like the top bar showing

If you are starting something from a batch file then you can type:

start /max PROGRAM

This will open it in fullscreen hopefully.

it doesnt, actually, infact, it doesn't do anything

yes,but mode 1000 works .

GamingG12 years ago

Type "mode 1000".

PatrickM312 years ago

i tried Alt Enter it says my computer doesnt support

Noooo...... That makes it open a ton of windows and eventually crash.
orksecurity8 years ago
You can change how you launch the command prompt window so it launches fullscreen. For example:  Rightclick on the icon, Properties, Options, Full screen.

But you can't keep folks from opening command windows in other ways, so "any command prompt" isn't something you can achieve.

Psychic Master (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
i have already tried my laptop doesnt have a fullscreen option when i open properties the box is missing from the general tab...
I was just going to tell you a effective way of making a single file batch program that uses registry edits to make itself fullscreen, but I see you have Vista. It got taken out of Visa because it interferes with the transparent Aero theme. I will show you how later though, I'm a little busy at the moment...
BTW Is that also took out of Win7?
Psychic Master (author)  Arbitror8 years ago
thanks for the relpy i believe i can wait till you get around to it, it isnt necessary right now because i am still wrighting the code for the program.
TheBatchies7 years ago
Three good methods.

1. Open the batch file. Right-click on the bar at the top, click the "Properties" on the drop-down menu, click the "Options" tab, and change it to full screen.

2. In the code, type MODE CON COLS=999 LINES=999

3. When it is running, press Alt+Enter.

Hope this helped!
knex_mepalm7 years ago
 You can change it in the options and I would liek to know is there a code to make it vertically go to top without opening 35 windows, I would like to make a TaT that is all.
Arbitror8 years ago
Press Alt+Enter while the window is running, only works in XP...
Perhaps there's a command shell  alternative out there on the internet.
I personally haven't tried any of them.

Right click on the batch file and create a shortcut to the batch file.
Then right click on the shortcut, and go to properties.
Click on the options tab and then select full screen under display options.

Note:  ALT   ENTER  keys toggle the  command prompt screen from
            full screen to normal  and from normal to full screen.
Psychic Master (author)  Zengineer16188 years ago

i have already tried that it doesnt seem to work on my laptop...