how can a led stripe be powered by a dinamo ( bootle shape ) 2,5/4.5 volts ?

Hi, this is my first question here, I´m trying to power a led stripe for my bicycle, i don´t know if its possible to connect leds to a dinamo powering system, ( don´t want to burn them ), well thats all, i´ll wait for your response.

Thanks !

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It would be possible, but you will need some electronics to make the light stable.

matiasbela (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
that´s for turning AC to DC ?? how can it be done ?
There is no need to convert to DC, just try using a couple of LEDs back to back, connect the anode of one LED to the cathode of the the other, and the cathode of one to the anode. I'm not sure how many volts a bike dynamo can crank out. Do you know ? If its a lot more than the forward drop of your diodes, I'd add a series resistor.,
matiasbela (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
thanks steve mmm trying to understand ( i´ve got no knowledge in electricity ), if i´m right the dynamo gives 4,5v for the front ligth and 2,5 volts to the back light, so it´s 7 V ?

what kind of electronics do I need to make the light stable ?

Different voltages front and back ? Can you post me a link to what you have ?

Running on AC would be the simplest thing to do first. h

matiasbela (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
The dinamo gives 12V 5.5w (front light) and 2.5 V 0.5 W ( back light ), i was a bit wrong before

you can see in the picture of the dynamo the 2 places were the different wires of the 2 light are connected

the one in green is the led stripe i have

Ah, I see you have 6 Watts at 12V to play with - that's one of your LED strips and a little bit available - Have you got the LED strips already ?