how can i DIY reverse on Technics 1210 M3D PLEASE?

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Well, you might want to get yourself one of these reversing modules :)

Microproccessor controlled, can be installed in minutes - very simple to use.

Available from mid April 2010 - release just announced today

Check out the video from ellaskin on YouTube, for a pre-release demo :

anrikahn (author) 7 years ago
Thanks ALL U guys, well, I know that there is/or was/ a product for this, which works with Start/Stop button, but it is not available anymore/anywhere... so I am trying to find another solution, i dont mind to drill a hole into it and some switch, and also I have no idea about wireing ...that is why I am asking U.. and of course I need my turntable playing in both dirrection, cause reverse mode will be used with some tricks and stuff..I will really appreciate if somebody will help me here with a good advice or link..THX ALL !
I've downloaded the manuals and looked. It MIGHT be possible, but the chip that does the work is a special Technics chip, and I can't find a datasheet. As I suspected, its a brushless motor. The only way in otherwise would be to cut up the circuit boards.

Open it up and find the wires attached to the drive motor. Switch them. The motor will now run in reverse.
They don't use them new-fangled brushless jobs then ? 
COme to think of it, they probably do. Never mind.
The direction is probably still switchable, it'll just take more thinking about.

NachoMahma7 years ago
.  If you reverse the platter rotation, make sure you are using a stylus designed to be used like that. We used to buy special ones at radio stations so the DJs wouldn't screw up the styli when cuing up records (back when radio station used records). Ones marked as being for DJs* should work.

*Not a recommendation, just the first page I found.