how can i be sexy for him?

what are the little extra things guys like?

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Doctor What7 years ago
 Can you be sexy for him?

Guys aren't too picky in that regard.  Just take off your clothes, and you should be fine.  
hahahahahahahahaha that was awesome!!!!
extra things, taking one's kit off I think is a known.

 Of course it's a known.  But to be perfectly honest, would you be dissatisfied with a woman if she just took her clothes off, and did no foreplay?
Very... Then again I am a great believer in playfulness and not being too serious in bed... Though apparently being too silly is considered a slappable faux pas... 
Yes I would.

I recommend these books:

“How To Be A Great Lover - Techniques that Will Blow His Mind” by Lou Paget
“Oral Caress” by Robert W. Birch
“The Sexercise Book” by Kym Herrin and Richard Benyo
“Social Dance - Steps to Success” by Judy Patterson Wright
“The Art Of Sensual Massage” by Gordon Inkeles and Murray Todris
“The Looks Men Love” by Vincent Roppatte and Sherry Suib Cohen
paganwonder7 years ago
Eye contact and smile!  We are simple creatures really.
Z..7 years ago
Keep some of yourself 'back'. Let him guess at some things about you.

Where there is no intrigue for a man, he can lose interest.

Above all though, be natural. Don't get locked into an image of what you think sexy should be. You can be sexy;-you can't behave sexy.

Good luck!
lemonie7 years ago
Seriously, talk to other girls. They know.
(On this site you're mostly going to get opinions from men, many of them married with children)

Kiteman7 years ago
Smile at him and mean it.

Works for most blokes.
andybuda7 years ago
spice up ur love life with chills
Re-design7 years ago
Look him in the eye.  Most girls don't look their guy in the eyes enough.  Couple that with a real smile and you make his brain create another good hormone.  Not the usual hormone but one that tells him to like you.
mcald7 years ago