how can i build a water rocket for my project?

how can i build a water rocket for my project, and what materials do i need to build it?

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Re-design7 years ago
If you google "water rocket" you will come up with a ton of these-
Use them. There is more than enough info on the net about this to keep you busy until you're way into your 60's.

Good luck
sjo2326 years ago
I bought a book called "Soda-Pop Rockets 20 Sensational Projects to Make From Plastic Bottles"

It may have been the greatest 11 dollars I have ever spent

lemonie7 years ago
Look at what this guy has done. The 8 Litre rocket has a video - it's impressive.

Kiteman7 years ago
Check the "search" box to the top-right of every page of this site.

Searching for water rocket brings up these results (the orange text is a link, click it) - many versions of the classic water rocket, from the most basic to downright complex, plus launchers and retrieval systems.