how can i build a wheel chair from an old bike a skateboard and a chair?

my friend recently broke his ankle and all he does is sit around the house i want to build him a wheel chair but have no money and limited parts...keep in mind i have no welding tools or experience please help asap !

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Pinion Props (author) 5 years ago
he does have crutches but he cant get our neighbor hood easily with them we live in a big neighborhood
So, he has crutches, but all he does is sit around the house. What makes you think he will go anywhere with a wheelchair?

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Burf5 years ago
A wheel chair for a broken ankle? Sounds like overkill, what's wrong with a pair of crutches?

No experience + chair + old bike + skateboard = broken ankle. o_0
You forgot the last line:

Posting the video on YouTube = priceless
Touché. ;-)
+1 to both the crutches and the formula.
Pinion Props (author) 5 years ago
i live in a very rough area and i have eperience with tools just not welding
Does your friend have crutches? If not, you could make some. Here's some easy instructions. You'll need a few basic hand tools, some wood and some bolts. I hope that helps. I think a wheelchair is a little too complicated and could get him more hurt.