how can i build up a JTAG interface for connecting my phone (SAMSUNG OR etc - ARM 7 TO ARM 9 CPU) to my computer?

I want to access my cellphone secure data same as boot area, and repair some errors same as boot error. thanks alot

sparkyuiop5 years ago
I'm not an expert on this but I have looked into this before as I'm good with electronics and building stuff and didn't want to shell out for the ORT JTAG or similar device.
What I found it came down to was signal timings (again I know little about this) and the ORT system has a programmed chipset that can read / write commands at the required timings using a software interface written for the user control.
I believe you can RS232 TTL some commands but it will achieve little and Terminal script is complicated.
Some people that have tried the serial way have soft / hard bricked their bootloaders often and been left with the link dead. It is also painfully slow.
I'd recommend the ORT system as their are lot's of updates for a variety of phones and a good user support forum.