how can i change led lighting strip to another color myself?

my husband wants purple led lights on his bike. They are hard to find however when i do find them they are expensive. anyone have a crafty idea on how i could do this myself if i had white led strip???

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jeff-o7 years ago
Two of my favourite eBay-based LED sellers are here and here.  It should be a one-for-one swap with the white LEDs - desolder the white, resolder the purple (actually, UV is probably end up getting).  Sadly it doesn't look like you can get a UV LED strip (at least from these two sellers), or I'd just suggest doing that.  You can get just about any other colour, though.
I doubt a UV led will give more purple light than a filtered white one, but I may be wrong.
nadav7 years ago
 Maybe RBG leds.
Rorymi67 years ago
You could cover each LED with a coloured gel, generally used in theatre but come in quite big sheets for a few pounds, personally I use a company called Lee Filters but there are other options such as Rosco there a wide range of colours to choose from.

You might TRY theatrical "lighting gels".