how can i connect dvd rom to laptop?

i have netbook and want to connect dvd rom via enclosure,but when i connect it it only appears,that device is installed.nothing in computer (i got win7 and asus 1215b) how can i create dvd rom in computer?

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burbanowicz (author) 4 years ago
cable is not says 'plug and play' so i dont have to dload any drivers
frollard4 years ago
You might need drivers for your particular drive enclosure...

Is it a usb enclosure? What EXACTLY happens when you plug it in? It should show up as an optical disk drive with a letter in 'computer'.

Does it show up in Device Manager (under control panel)? Does the listing in device manager show an exclamation point or an X? Those indicate a problem, often that the driver is not installed, and it will show up as 'Unknown Device'.
burbanowicz (author)  frollard4 years ago
yes,its logilink usb 2.0 hdd enclosure for sata HDD.when im pluging it in it shows that device is installing and after a while it shows it has beed installed correctly.thers no suc thing in 'computer' even when i plug it,
in device menager it shows as portalbe mass storage.its not exclamation
Have you tried putting a disk in it? I believe by default windows is set to hide empty drives, but you can change this setting in folder options.
burbanowicz (author)  The Skinnerz4 years ago
ofc i was putting in disc,cd was spinning inside but no response from windows
+1 least something to check -- default windows behaviour is to show the drive but say it's not ready.