how can i copy linux OS and files to SD?

i would like to make a external hard drive. clicking "computer", i get all the Linux programing. and it only takes about 5GB. i was wondering if i can move all the files to SD. my computer wont allow to simply copy/paste all those files. i says is because those files are "personal". 

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Longbowman6 years ago
If you want to copy files and you don't have permissions then do this;

1) open TERMINAL
2) enter : "sudo nautilus" (if using gnome) OR
enter : "sudo dolphin" (if using KDE) similarly type : "sudo thunar" (for XFCE)

this will open you file manager with administrative privileges. (Type command without quote)

3) Now you can easily copy the files from any partition to any other partition

{ do not close terminal while the copy process is going on. Close terminal after closing your file manager i.e. after completing copy.

NOTE: to access all the copied files on new location you need ROOT password . To prevent this.

a) open terminal
b) type :" sudo chown -R user:group /path/to/partition "
eg: if your user name is - rohan . and your new copy location is Data or Multimedia or Games mounted at /media/Data or /media/Multimedia etc etc then the above command is-
sudo chown -R rohan:rohan /media/Data

This is easy.

Now if you want to have a working Linux installed on usb then...

1) proceed with regular install of OS but choose USB partitions for installation.
2) do not make any swap if usb is pendrive but if it is external HDD then proceed with swap

3) IMPORTANT: install bootloader on usb drive and not on your first drive.

With distros like Ubunt, Mint, fedora, Mandriva .... installing on pendrive is easy but with Arch it is not.

Same for SD also but you need card to boot linux. Booting as such is not possible from cellphone .

But copying is easy.
kelseymh6 years ago
Use sudo if you're an admin on the system. If you're not, ask the admin to make a boot volume for you.
-max- (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
If only I knew any linux commands... the olny thing I know to do in the terminal is how to open an application. Yes, I'm administrater
kelseymh -max-6 years ago
If you're an administrator, then you'd better learn basic Unix commands. You can't admin a system without command line control.

Start with Unix In A Nutshell, then move on to Running Linux, and finally Linux System Administration, all from O'Reilly and all available in paperback on Amazon.
-max- (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
"Start with Unix In A Nutshell, then move on to Running Linux, and finally Linux System Administration, all from O'Reilly and all available in paperback on Amazon."

A-what  a-what a-what!? all i want do do is copy everything on my hard drive over to a 8 GB hard drive... then use it as an external
kelseymh -max-6 years ago
You said that you were a system administrator on a Linux system. You also said you didn't know how to use the command line. Either that's not true (and you're trying to hack someone else's machine) or else you have gotten yourself in way over your head. If you want to install and administer a Linux system, then you need to know the basics of how to do that.
-max- (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
well, im not root. no. can you just tell me how to do what i asked?
kelseymh -max-6 years ago
You need to be an admin to do what you asked. Or, you an ask an admin on your system to create a boot volume for you.
-max- (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
im not root, but i am administrator.