how can i download the project in pdf form?while I isn't have any visa account or other type of account????

i isn't have any type of account ,,,can i free download It????

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Kiteman7 months ago

You can only download PDFs if you have a premium account.

You can get a premium account if you pay, win a contest or get gifted one by another member.

You don't really need to download the PDFs - they have no extra text to the main instructable.

Kiteman Kiteman7 months ago

(Check your inbox)

Did you give him a free premium Kiteman?

I happen to have a few spares...

Yea I have something like 30 years to spare, gave one away last week.

LOL, I'm in a similar situation - I could literally grandfather my account...

bwrussell7 months ago

PDF downloads of projects are only for PRO members which you can either buy, win in a contest, or receive for writing a featured and/or front page Instructable.

iceng bwrussell7 months ago

Good to hear.. For a while they didn't do it..

Now I can no longer see my ibles watch list.. But there are other sites,

which however lack the banter and comradery I so enjoy here..