how can i find a website ip adress? i don't want use a web for finding another web ip. I want to use a program.

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Willard2.06 years ago
Use the nslookup command in windows command prompt. Just type in the name of the website without the http://www.

for example to find the address of type: nslookup and hit enter.  you are looking for the address of the domain, not the address of the http://www. protocol.

The addresses are outlined in red in the pic
It sounds like you might be confusing nslookup and whois.

Nslookup uses individual host names (such as your example) to query the DNS system to convert that name to a specific IP address.

Whois uses only the domain part of the name (such as "" in your example) to report on ownership and technical contact information. Most real domain names do not actually map to specific addresses, but rather to blocks of addresses for all of the individual hosts within that domain.
.  Although they may resolve to the same IP in some cases, there is a difference between site.tld and (eg, and If you want the IP of the web server, you should usually (but not always) include the "www." part.
kelseymh6 years ago
Willard has the Best Answer. Ping uses nslookup behind the scenes in order to do name resolution, so you might as well be more direct.
thegeeke6 years ago
Most websites can be pinged. From cmd, type ping and press enter. It will give you the sites ip address. Also, you could type tracert to see the steps it takes to get there. The last step should be the site.
Jayefuu6 years ago
It looks like the NET::Ping module for Perl would do what you want to do. How many domains do you want to check? In what format do you have your list of domains?

Jayefuu Jayefuu6 years ago
Or if you just want to do one without using a website, go to Windows command prompt and type "ping"
NachoMahma6 years ago
. There are many "domain name lookup program"s that will do that for you. Google the string in quotes(or "domain name lookup app") - append your operating system to the search string if you get too many hits.