how can i fix a crack in my Kicker cvr subs?

there is a dime sized hole and crack in the hard cone. of my 12in kicker cvr subwoofer.

Subwoofers are just air pumps, so if you can make a stiff airtight seal, I don't see why it shouldn't work. On a paper cone, try some stiff cardboard, and attach it with white glue, like Weldbond. It would be good to clamp it in place while it dries... that's a little tricky. Maybe small powerful magnets, like the ones on dangerous toys, or (maybe the best) a needle and thread to sew it on. With a plastic cone, cut a patch from flexible plastic like the lid of a yogurt tub. Hot glue may work, or silicone adhesive (RTV).
landmanhall8 years ago
Ive had good results with clear nail polish on small tears and punctures but any big repair will alter the sound. You may have to buy another one. Seek help at a good sound shop and see what they would do. Of course they will try to sell you a new speaker so shop around.
Use carpet tape hard to do but works like a charm
noahw8 years ago
While it is possible to re-cone speaker drivers that have been damaged, it's often cheaper and easier to simply replace the driver. Finding generic cones to replace the damaged one is possible, however, after googling some images to get a look at your Kicker CVR subs, and noticing that (at least from the pictures I'm seeing) it's not a standard cone construction to begin with, finding a suitable replacement cone for your driver may prove to be difficult. As far as I know, there's no way to patch a hole in an existing cone. Cone materials are carefully selected and constructed, and, won't respond well to a patch in the conventional sense. Hope this helps, and sorry that I don't have better news.