how can i fro out my hair? it's thick, curly, and kinda asian

basically, i wanna turn my hair from pic 1 into the hair from pic 2... and i would like to do it myself if possible


Picture of how can i fro out my hair? it's thick, curly, and kinda asian
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Z..8 years ago
You could 'back comb' it. Hold sections up, and run a comb down the sections, getting bunches of hear close to your scalp. In the 1960's (yeah! I DO remember!), the top bits of hair were then combed smoothly over the top. That was called a bouffant hair style. You need to frizz up the whole lot, without leaving the ends to smooth over. ...................................then leave yourself about a half hour-and a painkiller to comb it all out!! (Or leave it, and even shampoo it like that).
no im not a hatter, its a play on words, alice and wonderlands the mad hatter.
Z..8 years ago
Best answer?!! I'm flattered. Please send cheque (check) by return of post!!
vvho (author)  Z..8 years ago
hiya... so, i haven't tried it yet, but i chose you for best answer cause it seemed like the easiest/cheapest method provided i have just about everything... hair, comb, my best friend gave me a black power pick... my best friend is black btw, and an alternative to that painkiller mentioned i haven't tried it yet but i was thinkin about making an instructable out of it when i do thx for the help
causeeffect8 years ago
your hair is gorgeous!!! but if you really want a fro you need to perm it and ask for really tight kinky curls then after this is done backcomb like crazy.
Z..8 years ago
Darn it!! Hear means Hair!
you have to get a perm. They take tiny hair curlers and wrap your hair around it and add harsh chemicals to change the shape of your hair. Then when they take the curlers out, your hair is kinky