how can i generate a small amount of ac current...??

i want to generate 9-12 v ac there any simple way to do that...??

secondly....if i connect two wires from a  dc motor to a bulb, and then rotate the axle of the motor, then is the current produced by the motor the ac current..??...plzzz tell me..!!

The amount of "simplicity" depends a lot on the source for your input energy.

If you have mains power available, just use a small transformer.

If you want to power it from batteries (DC) then some sort of oscillator circuit will be required.

If the input power source is some person turning a crank, then conceivably this alternator idea could work.  Although to me this seems like the most complicated way to do things.

Regarding the second question, a DC motor driven as a generator does not produce "true" AC,  it produces "bumpy DC".  The voltage level rises and falls, but never switches polarity.  A picture of this is attached below.
kool.mukesh (author)  Jack A Lopez8 years ago
if the motor is rotated in a uniform way, that is acceleration or deceleration is zero, then will it produce true ac current....?
lemonie8 years ago
Yes use the motor, like you say.