how can i get free sodas or candy from the vending machines?

how can i get free sodas or candy by geting my money back or not paying at all that sorta thing

Picture of how can i get free sodas or candy from the vending machines?
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Sit nearby and wait until someone comes to restock the machine. If there's any out-of-date soda in there, they might remove it. They don't want to carry that old soda back to the warehouse. Usually all they need is the label. Sit there and look thirsty, and if they take pity on you... you might get an old (but still good) soda.
stoney1238 years ago
If you can find a soda machine with a glass front (and doesn't have one of those new stupid robot arms) it's really easy to get a free soda. Just push on the glass so the soda can't fall down, when the machine senses a soda did not fall, it will give you your money back. After receiving your money, stop leaning on the glass and get your soda. Then run.
lemonie8 years ago
One of the worst instructables ever posted:
If you want this sort of thing Google for more of the same.

AMannedElk8 years ago
Let me get this straight. You want to know how to steal from a machine that only has the purpose of dispensing items when paid the proper amount as if the designers never thought of this or defended the machine against almost all possible methods of theft? Vending machines aren't new either. If you could do it, it's almost guaranteed to have been tried, and the loop hole fixed.