how can i get in touch with mr apol

I would like to get in touch with mr apol as i would like more on the" Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters: the Biefeld-Brown Effect by Mr. Apol".Will it be possible for me to get Mr Apol email address so that i can find out more on the biefield-brown effect.

Thanking you


iceng5 years ago
Send him a private message.

BTW did you read the 1960 patent in his reference ?

adleycan (author)  iceng5 years ago
No i am very interested in the works of brown.I would like to get in touch with mr apol as i would require some assistance in build my own device .I would appreciate if he does contact through my email address.

Thanking you.

iceng adleycan5 years ago
This is all in your bailiwick..

You need to go to Mr Apol's home page and
next to his avatar click on the Private Message field.

You will be given a text box to place your request
and when you press send he will be alerted.



Sending a private message is your only option. If that person chooses to give you their email for future discussions then it would be up to that person. No one from this website can give out email addresses to other members.