how can i get lost pass code for laptop if i can not remember it?

I have a Dell Inspiron notebook. I changed my pass code to log onto notebook two weeks ago. I thought I could remember pass code and did not write new code down. I need to know how I can retrieve Microsoft pass code if I did not make note of new code. Is there a software that I can use?

mclovin75968 years ago
you can get around it by going to the screen that wants the password then hold the power button plastic one not on screen until it turns of turn back on with power button and it should load to the desktop and from there you can go to control panel user accounts then change password
fwjs288 years ago
I'm not sure about Dells, but I know that on Toshibas there is a hidden partition that you can access and restore to factory setting. Look around on Google, see what you can find.