how can i get people to join my group?

i cant anyone to join my group.... how can i get people to my please help im begging u!!!

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skunkbait8 years ago
Are you talking about the bomb group? To be honest, you might get a few young kids to join. Toy bombs and amateur pyrotechnics are fun! However, those who have a SERIOUS interest in bombs, will likely not want their names attached to a group which is easily accessible on the web. Consider renaming the group, or focussing on fireworks, amateur pyrotechnics, etc. I like homemade fireworks, and related subjects. But what I know about actual bombs, from a professional/responsible standpoint, I'd not be willing to share on the net.
dioblo2345 (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
yes that my group well ill think about changing the name thaks for the answer ps nobodys in the group
DIY Dave8 years ago
pay them ; )
dioblo2345 (author)  DIY Dave8 years ago
i wish i could
Ride4jesus8 years ago
Get some really hot chicks to join, and all the guys will come running!
dioblo2345 (author)  Ride4jesus8 years ago
haha i wish i could but where can i find chick that dig bombs