how can i get rid of the scratches on my sony walkman screen?

its a NWZ-E344 red page: has some deep ones but is there a way to make it more durable?

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rownhunt7 years ago
The only way to remove scratches from a screen is to buff them out, which will remove all scratches leaving the screen looking new. All you will need is a low power grinder with a tightly stitched buffing wheel attached, slowly adding jewelers rouge which is a very fine polishing compund, then you lightly push your walkmans screen to the buffing wheel making sure not to melt the screen. Your done all the scratches from your screen will be invisible!
seandogue7 years ago
Once you do remove the scratch, you can purchase screen protectors for camera and apply them to the screen. They are simply self-adhering clear plastic film which can be cut to size for a given application.
andreblue (author)  seandogue7 years ago
i know that but to take the scratches out but its very thin so any other ideas
Light scratching can be removed with metal polish. Deep scratching has to be removed with (ideally) wet or dry abrasive papers.
andreblue (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
can i also make it more durable?
Just put a piece of "screen protector" on it - when that gets damaged, replace it. Though screen protectors are usually (expensively) pre-cut, you can buy transparent sticky plastic that will work too.
andreblue (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
its very thin coating on the screen so i do want to rub it off