how can i grow crystals?

I want to grow crystals, additionally i want to grow crystals in a particular shape ive seen it been done before however i can not figure it out. Does any one have any insight? 
thank you 

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Acepilot427 years ago
in science last year we did the saturated solution with salt (like kiteman). you get a pitri dish then put a black peice of paper in the bottom, the same diamemter. pour the solutiion in the dish and wait a few days. the bad thing about this is the crystals turn white after a while.
lemonie7 years ago

This is sucrose, I can give some tip on these


Kiteman7 years ago
The shape of a crystal is governed by the substance that forms the crystal.

Basically, to make a crystal, dissolve the substance in hot water until no more will dissolve (it's called a "saturated" solution).

Leave the solution somewhere warm and still for the water to slowly evaporate (a sunny windowsill is good).

You can also start with a small crystal, suspended on a thread into the solution - this will grow a larger crystal on the thread.

Can you remember the name or shape of the crystal you saw?

btw, the two classics are using salt and sugar, neither of which will produce much more that a cubic structure, but they do illustrate the principle. For things like quartz, you'll need far more sophisticated equipment than a clear jar and piece3 of string!
I like copper sulfate crystals. What shape are the crystals you're trying to grow?