how can i hack traffic cams? ?

 how can i hack traffic cams?

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Buck Futter7 years ago
"how can i hack traffic cams?" Illegally. Just say no.
orksecurity7 years ago
If you mean "see what they see", some are publicly viewable. Ask your municipality's police.

If you mean "alter what they see", forget it; ain't gonna happen.
shotgun666 (author)  orksecurity7 years ago

i was actually looking for the public views. nothing illegal

Minnesota has public access to the views on their web page ( or something like that).  So do most of the local news stations under 'traffic'.
jtobako7 years ago
First you misdemeanor (trespass) , then felony (theft or illegal access to computer systems), then felony (endangerment of others) again.

shotgun666 (author)  jtobako7 years ago

alright then i didnt know if they where for public view or not. hack was a strong word. and neither do i have the tech. or do i want to break the law. thnx

Kiteman7 years ago

Is the famous AngleGrinderMan still around? says his web page has been down since August 2008.*/

Anyway, it's good to see somebody is picking up the slack.

My father-in-law will be pleased.  He lives in Kirkby Lonsdale and got nabbed by that one.  (Hope he's put the grinder in a safe place #;¬)

I got snapped by a local van.  You know these high-tech, multi-part licences we have to carry now?  They marked my points on it in biro!
Jawa8887 years ago
 Drive around in a truck with a tesla coil on the back an kill then all and ANY THING ELS THAT GETS IN YOUR WAY
Re-design7 years ago
Are you talking about Red Light Cams or Traffic Monitoring Cameras?
JimFlo7 years ago
Easy, walk into almost any police station and tell them you are an authorized technician and want access to the public safety computer servers. They will escort you to the secure area. 
Koosie7 years ago
If you don't want them to see anything, paintball!
lemonie7 years ago
Did you get caught? Wrap a chain around it, hook it up to the back of your truck and pull... Then put it in the back of your truck and dispose of it.