how can i humanely stop cats pooping on my lawn?

i have a problem with cats excreting on my garden since my own cat passed away. any tips on how to humanely deter the pesky poopers? its a shady side garden and a security light has had no effect. thanks.

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klee27x8 years ago
You can use an IR motion activated light to activate a sprinkler system or a loud noise? I've heard you can buy lion urine and cats are supposed to avoid it. I'm pretty sure that's a bunch of malarky, but I'd like to see someone actually try it and post their results... hint, hint.
secretshedfreak (author)  klee27x8 years ago
not to many lions in england but i'll have a look in he supermarket next time i get dragged there! the sprinkler thing is a good idea .
mgrainger6 years ago
I saw this somewhere . These people rolled out chicken wire over whole flowerbed and then cut wire every so often and bent it up. Cats or dogs don't like walking on spikes. Cut out holes for big plants or if you use seeds you won't need to cut holes. You would need to replant whole garden but if you want to keep cats or dogs out permanently this idea will work. ...¦>)
secretshedfreak (author)  mgrainger6 years ago
HAHA cruel but effective, but i now have a little daughter running around so might not go down to well with her mum!
pebbaranski6 years ago
Ask your local hair salon for human hair. Spread this over the area and cats will not enter. A friend of mine used this in her back yard and it safely kept the cats out!
dora7318 years ago
I don't know if this info is of any use to you but my neighbor had the same problem with he half lawn and half garden so she filled up the garden part with pine cones since cats don't seem to be able to walk on them an it looks very nice and decorative. my daughter like the look so much that she cleaned out out flower bed and also filled it with pine cones along with some new plants and statues and it turned out very beautiful, hope this helps in some way. good luck.
chris730448 years ago
lotussutra8 years ago
Make a diluted batch of bitter orange extract and spray it where they are not supposed to go. Cats really dislike citrus scents. Also, there is a product out there called "Feliway" which keeps cats from marking or peeing on specific areas.
damoelld8 years ago
I don't know if you have a Lee Valley where you live but they do mail order. Here is a link for you.,51555&ap=1
hott8 years ago
when you see them throw acid on them and kick them or if your soft try a censored sprinkler cats don't like water
secretshedfreak (author)  hott8 years ago
we could mix it up and have an acid sprinkler but it sounds cruel and high in maintenence costs.
Cerberus8 years ago
cats dont "go" when something touches their rears when they "squat". Let your grass grow a bit more or plant some taller "plants" where they crapulate...
secretshedfreak (author)  Cerberus8 years ago
i would have thought that too but they seem to attack when its had a week or so of growth and avoid when its nice and short, i know the answer is to keep it short but i live in nottinghamshire england and we get LOTS of rain! i like crapulate, think from here on it will replace poop.
Maybe they prefer privacy. They could have stage-fright...
lemonie8 years ago
Super-soaker? L
Emsaid8 years ago
try an electric fence