how can i log in to bearshare because im already a user but i need to log in without downloading bearshare?

can i log in to bearshare without downloading it

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lswan42 years ago


lswan4 lswan42 years ago


lswan4 lswan41 year ago

i like bareshare

lswan42 years ago


tgeorge24 years ago
I would share the wealth of music that's what it was put here for.
Big'ups brother TGOE, hope life treatin ya' good. yeah mom love to hear some old sch reggae and am sure you got dj quik album; book of david, diggn dat album at the mo, plez bro..
rigizi4 years ago
i like to share
shonda276 years ago
share with on line friends
yes i want to share
lemonie6 years ago
What would you do with it if you did? It's for file sharing, and if you ain't running the software you can't. L