how can i make a 2.4ghz wireless security camera hard wired?

how can i make a 2.4ghz wireless security camera hard wired? i get a lot of wifi interference (and my wireless network gets blocked completely) and i just want to run direct RCA line if possible instead of buying 5 new cameras.?

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gmxx8 years ago
i don't know... u might be able to wire the antennas together.. but probably not... you could upgrade the wifi router to something that uses draft n networking or the apple airport which uses the 5 ghx band and not the 2.4 ghz you also could change the broadcasting channel on the wifi router. so it use a differnt part of the 2.4 ghz spectrum
yousokwesi (author)  gmxx8 years ago
hmm... the cameras are 2.4ghz, not wifi (if that's what you were implying) and the receiver is located next to my tv for viewing. when i power up the cameras, my wifi internet signal in a separate area of the house which is most likely on or around the same frequency gets murdered. i'm thinking i can open up the cameras and find the wires that could be attached to a standard rca cable and plug directly to tv or recording source. thanks for your reply
try changing the channel of your wifi internet to a less used channel - default is 6, I like to choose 2 or 10. (options are 1-12) Other than that - you might be able to get a coaxial connection to the antenna port and wire that direct to the receiver - if the receiver has multiple ports, but probably not.
yousokwesi (author)  frollard8 years ago
im using an apple airport express... there are no options to change the channel that i know of. and yes, the receiver receives signals from 4 of the cameras. the fifth camera has its own receiver. thanks for the suggestions... i'll have to take the camera apart and go in blind :)
gmxx yousokwesi8 years ago
you should b able to use the airport admin utility to change the settings or login to the router via your web browser... but it probably won't much, because the router might still interfere with the connection.
yousokwesi (author)  gmxx8 years ago
ok i'll try that option first. thank you
gmxx yousokwesi8 years ago
glad i was able to help... now click the little best answer button by ZEROGX. :P
Ugenious03 years ago

I was having trouble with my wireless backup camera so I took cable tv wire and bought some RCA ends from lowes and plugged one end into the monitor and the other end into the camera eliminating the transmitters . Worked great and now have a steady picture so my wife won't run me over . Bottom line is you get what you pay for the whole system cost me $59 on eBay from China .

Canoeman5 years ago
If its like my 2.4 ghz cameras, the transmitter, is siliconed to the top of the inside, just unplug it from the camera circuit board. Then use the existing video output pigtail.
dgsmithsgu8 years ago
I have a Swann 4 channel 2.4 Ghz receiver but I'm not sure of the model. Someone took the camera. I might part with the receiver or, perhaps you'd like to sell the camera?