how can i make a computer program that moves and clicks the mouse for me?

I was just wondering if it is possible to make a program that moves and clicks your mouse for you and if it is, how to make it.

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orksecurity8 years ago
Not only is it possible, these are available off-the-shelf. They're sometimes used in the industry to automate "live demos" for trade shows and so on. Websearch for "record mouse" will find some of these. As to how they're written: That depends on the GUI environment you're running in, but most of them in use today have programming interfaces that permit this sort of interaction in a fairly straightforward manner.
swagramp (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
where could i find a script that i can use notepad or another free program to write it? thanks
Jayefuu8 years ago
The best program I've come across is AutoHotKey. You can download it here.

It comes with a recording program that lets you record a series of mouse clicks or keyboard presses. It's really good. You can then refine it and compile it as an executable which you can use from any computer even if it doesn't have AHK installed.

What are you trying to do? I might be able to help you out.
swagramp (author)  Jayefuu8 years ago
I'm trying to do something that requires repetetive clicking and i thought it would be easier to make a program that does the clicking for me. thank you.
its probably to keep the mouse moving to use a banner-ad affiliate program...
Sandisk1duo8 years ago